No More Resolutions – D.e.e.L

No more dirty laundry lying on the floor until there isn’t room to sleep

No more coffee grounds rubbed into the rug by dragging feet


No more late nights writing when there is work in the morning

No more slapping my roommate just because he’s snoring


No more watching T.V when I should be studying

No more yelling at the bum, whom is my bud…I think.


No more waking up and leaving the apartment having only eaten an apple

No more oversleeping and missing possible overtime because I feel like crap still


No more wearing that leather jacket that’s fading away

No more wearing those grey jeans that are tattered and frayed


No more coffee before bed

No more ibuprofen

No more feeling I’m dead

No more not having a girlfriend


No more thinking about what isn’t here

No more living life in fear

No more waiting for solutions

No more making pretty resolutions


No more excuses

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