The Bubblegum Bandit

by: D.e.e.L
Seven-year-old Charles Splints is put on another case. This time against a school bully!

“Charlie! Charlie!”
She ran up to me as I stood atop the slide licking a lolly.
“Debby, right?”
“That’s not my name.”
“Well you apparently don’t know mine either, so I don’t feel bad. What’s the problem?”
“It’s…it’s Cory…”
She didn’t even have to finish her sentence, I already knew what I was in for. Cory Lambs, he’s known around the whole school as “The Bubblegum Bandit”. Poor Kelly had been his latest casualty and what’s her name just handed me her lunch money. I was on the case.
“Got any sugar?”
“I got pop rocks.”
“Pop rocks…are awesome.”
With my mouth crackling I walked across the school yard. Cory was atop the jungle gym stringing the gum out from his mouth.
“Who’s next?” asked the blonde haired demon child.
“How about…me,” I said before throwing my finished lolly pop stick to the dirt and stepping into it.
“Heh, Charles Splints…are you challenging me?”
“You’re plenty challenged without me needing to do it for you.”
“Tough words from such a little man.”
“We’re the same size, stupid.”
“Yea but…shut up!”
The kids gathered around to witness the fight. I knew better than to make it a show, lunch monitors, teachers, they were all watching from a distance. Rubbing Cory’s face in the dirt would be fun, but it’s not worth getting a time-out. I waited for him to jump down onto the grass and walk over to me.
“You’re going to regret coming over here, Charles!”
“We’ll see about that.”
He pulled the gum from his mouth and ran towards me in the hopes he would bring my hair to the same fate as Kelly’s. I grabbed his wrist and with all my strength smacked his own hand into his head. The gum squished into his blonde hair and meshed his hand with the light strands of regret. He tried to pull his hand away but it only made things worse.
“I’ll get you for this, Splints!”
“Get a haircut.”


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