Hall Monitor

by: D.e.e.L – A Seven year-old Charles Splints takes on another case in – Hall Monitor

“Hey, Charles.”
“Hey, Vinny. Slow day today?”
“Yea it’s Wednesday, never too much trouble in the halls in the middle of the week.”
“I’d better not stick around then. Trouble seems to follow me around.”
“You’re not still sour about being kicked out are you?”
“Enjoy the rest of your shift, Vinny.”
“…thanks, Charles.”

I used to sport the orange sash across my chest and call myself a hall monitor. I was the best this school has ever seen…until the principal wanted me to lie for him. I couldn’t do it and he told the teacher in charge to kick me off hall monitor duty. Since then I’ve been the go-to guy for all the cases too dangerous for the sashes.

“Charlie! Charlie!”
“Oh, sorry…Charles. It’s Vinny…he’s hurt.”
“Who hurt him?”
“Of course.”

Wally, this school is full of kids like him. Big brute, short hair cut, he’s a grade above me and a year older, and I swear he’s already growing a beard…
Turns out trouble did follow me. Right after I left Vinny our pal Wally came over looking for Vin’s milk money. I always told Vin to stick his ground, but Wally doesn’t like to be told no.

“What seems to be the problem here?”
“Stay out of this, Splints.”
“Heeeey, Wally. There you are, I almost missed you behind all that back hair.”
“Don’t you even start with me, Charles!”
“I’m way beyond starting, Walls. Now how about you let my buddy go and I’ll let you leave with only a nose bleed.”
“You threatening me, Charlie?”
“Big and smart? You’re a real stunner there buddy. Oh, and by the way…”
“Don’t call me Charlie.”

Wally woke up ten minutes later in the school nurse’s office. Vinny didn’t rat on me, but to make sure they didn’t figure it out I helped him with the bump on his forehead Wally had given him. This school has seen better days, but I’ll make sure that this doesn’t happen again. I might not wear the sash anymore…but I still know how to help save this school.


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