Blue vs. Green – D.e.e.L

A cool breeze separated the opposing sides. Each team tightly knit around their colored flags. The leader of the blue team shouted “Who’s Dave?” and the green team leader shouted back “The sign says ‘Can we start yet?’”. There was silence on the field. “Oh,” said the blue team leader, “I can’t read.” And then it began.


They battered one another for what felt likes hours within the few minutes the competition lasted. The cool breeze filled with the blue and green dressed men attempting to strike each other, but most often missing and whiffing through the air. The sun was out, and it was November, and nobody knew what day of the week it was, so maybe it was Tuesday.


At the competition’s end only a few were left still standing. “Did we win?” asked the blue team leader. “The sign says ‘We won’,” said the green team leader. “I really should learn how to read.”

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