Coffee for 2

poetry by: D.e.e.L

A false safety threatens the life of each living
person after person that updates a status,
tell your friends, but not your mother, but not your father, what you are doing, eating, watching, wishing, thinking,
tell me. I want to know what is happening
I want to know why you cry, sleep, dream. Why
do you wake up at 3AM night after night sobbing in the apartment below?
Let me help, I know a song or two, I’ve seen the movies meant to bring tears and resolve.
I’ve read the poems, the stories and the screenplays,
this isn’t Shakespeare, we are not meant for such torment.
Let me in, tell me, cry to me, sing to me, let me in.
I’m upstairs drinking coffee at 3AM trying to write a best seller. There is enough coffee for two.

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