balcony XI – D.e.e.L

Covered in white ash

wet skies

tauntingly frozen

the balcony sits in waiting

friends come over and on a night of angst we sit there

discussing the cold and how it has consumed our lives

we sip at rum spilled into our coffee

we discuss the view

the orange light and the barking siblings

this balcony holds so many thoughts

not only of what I have witnessed

but others as well

the cracks

the dirt

and the rusted railing

only the chairs are mine

which I use to relax as I stare

the creek is frozen

its sound doesn’t catch my ear as it will come months from now

if only it were sooner

if only it were now

but then…

perhaps the coffee would not be as hot

or bitter

if not for the cold.

winter balcony

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