Looking back on Pistol Wrists 3 – The Enlightened

The 4th installment to the series comes out in only a couple days! So it’s about time that we revisit the 3rd story before this FRIDAY

In – The Enlightened – we find the main character (a young teen) enter into a diner following the events of Bounty(PW2) where he was on the run. We see him falling victim to something everyone has in common, hunger. Knowing that the diner won’t serve someone who’s been all over the news as a wanted criminal he takes to drastic measures. The choice he makes, the person he picks, decides the rest of his story and sets him into a new role, one that he thought he would never be in. How could anyone but him understand “It”?

Read Pistol Wrists 3 – The Enlightened



Find all Three Stories so far here:



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