Q and A: With Author Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa is the author of the Little Nani stories as well as the stories published under her pseudonym Rosa Storm. She lives in Spain and works as an editor and writer.

The Funny Adventures of Little NaniA foreigner in london

Little Nani-Flying Muffin

D.e.e.L – At what point did you know you wanted to be a writer?

Cinta- I am not really sure. I have always had stories in my mind, and since I learnt how to write when I was 5, it was easy to see me with a notebook and a pencil at all times. My school chose me for a literary contest when I was 8 and I won. That was the turning point, I think, and I knew I wanted to be a writer.

D.e.e.L – That had to be a cool feeling to win something at such a young age for the craft you enjoy today. Are there any characters you created back then that have impacted the ones you write today?

Cinta –Not really. It was a very silly tale about a rabbit who was concerned about protecting the environment. Well, wait a sec… maybe that’s why Little Nani is concerned about protecting nature too.

D.e.e.L – See? I knew we’d find a connection! What inspired you to start writing your Little Nani stories?

Cinta – My short stories were starting to sound too gloomy, and a friend dared me to write something funny. One day Little Nani popped in my head, I wrote a story for my blog, people started saying they had loved it and wanted more, so I had to write more stories. Because of that and because Little Nani refuses leaving my head.

D.e.e.L – Since Little Nani you have been driven back to writing “gloomy” stories under the name Rosa Storm. What made you want to recreate yourself for your immersion back into writing “gloomy” stories?

Cinta – I just don’t see myself as a writer of only children’s books. Apart from that, I found that writing those stories under the name of Rosa Storm was a good way to exorcise my inner demons and it is cheaper than going to a therapist lol. Now seriously, I am learning a lot by writing in a genre that was completely unknown to me and I am having a lot of fun.

D.e.e.L – What is it that has brought you to becoming an editor?

Cinta – I have been a teacher for nearly 17 years, so I have this compulsion for correcting people. Finding typos and grammar mistakes in books is something that drives me crazy. Imagine how crazy I get when I also find plot holes, inconsistencies, or repetitive sentences. It’s something that I like doing and, since I wanted to change jobs, I decided stop teaching and start editing.

D.e.e.L – Is teaching still something you do while also focusing on your writing as well as your editing business?

Cinta – Only occasionally. Teaching was something that stopped being fun for me, and now it causes me a lot of stress to know that I have to teach someone. I’d rather focus on my writing, editing, and translating.

D.e.e.L – What projects are you currently working on? Any new stories in the works?

Cinta – Right now I am working on giving the final editing touches to my first non-fiction book about techniques for writing creatively. I am also working on several horror stories for different anthologies. And I am also working on a project that it is still a secret, but I can tell it is a collaboration with another author and the Regency period is involved. Of course, the second book of Little Nani is still there, but right now I have it a bit in stand-by.

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