Cinta Garcia de la Rosa – Interview

Cinta Garcia de la Rosa, an indie author from Spain, has released several tales about her fictional character Little Nani that are both funny and sweet. Growing up she had always enjoyed writing and at age 8 won a literary contest to further solidify her passion. She spent most of her time once taking a more serious tone to her work writing “gloomy” and darker toned stories, but a challenge from a friend served as a prompt to create something funny. Writing a funnier story brought out her character Little Nani that has since be included in many short stories and taken a prominent place in Garcia’s literary work. When asked if any of her characters can relate back to any she had created as a child Garcia responded “It was a very silly tale about a rabbit who was concerned about protecting the environment…maybe that’s why Little Nani is concerned about protecting nature too.”

The Funny Adventures of Little Nani

Image via Cinta’s Author Site

Little Nani hasn’t been able to take Garcia away completely from her writing past however. While still focusing on her funny stories that appeal to both kids and adults, Garcia is also writing her “gloomy” stories once again under the pseudonym Rosa Storm and has been published in a horror story anthology along with having other projects in the works. She explained her immersion back into horror stories by saying “I just don’t see myself as a writer of only children’s books. Apart from that, I found that writing those stories under the name of Rosa Storm was a good way to exorcise my inner demons…”

Along with being a writer of varying genres Garcia is also an editor and translator. Having worked as a teacher for 17 years her “compulsion for correcting people” has turned into a business. Related to her translating Garcia is a fluent speaker in both English and Spanish and speaks a bit of Italian, French, and Portuguese as well.

A few of Garcia’s upcoming projects include a non-fiction book regarding writing techniques for creative writers, several horror stories, and a secret collaboration “with another author and the Regency period is involved,” and “Of course, the second book of Little Nani…”

Find more on her website 

View her Smashwords page

Editing is fun!



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