A Writer’s Morning

A writer’s mind may be a unique one, but some of their morning habits may mimic that of others…

red coffee mug

There is finally a day where you can wake up and spend some time writing. Maybe you only have an hour or so, or maybe you’re lucky enough to have the whole day. Either way, there is a good chance that a cup of black coffee will be accompanying you during the first part of your journey. Or…maybe a few cups.


redcoffee mug and kndle

Your mind might not be fully awake yet and so your perfect companion sits alongside your morning coffee. Just swipe it open and get your mind running as soon as you take that first sip. eBook or paperback, either way will give your mind a good jump. Both will even give you the same jump if you spill your coffee on it…(I recommend not doing that)



And of course, that one desire we all have. Food! Sitting on the stand with your coffee mug is your morning meal. Whether it be a muffin, a cupcake (lucky you), or perhaps a sandwich made using waffles, you have a meal fit for a story.

The most important thing to remember when sitting down to write. Is remembering there are so many people out there waiting to read your story. People you have never met, waiting for your story to inspire them.

weekend reading!



– by: D.e.e.L

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