Indie Author Interview: Robert Zimmermann

Rob's Author Pic(small)

Robert Zimmermann is the author of multiple works of poetry as well as a short erotica story titled Breakfast in Bed. Zimmermann obtained his BA in Creative Writing attending SUNY Potsdam. Already having received his A.A in Humanities he was looking to further his studies and at first wondered what to take. His passion for writing took hold of that question and attending SUNY Potsdam became his journey to further his writing abilities. While attending college for his BA Zimmermann met a teacher by the name of Dr. James Hall, “I ended up learning a lot about how to make my work better, and even a lot about myself as a person, after taking a poetry lit class with Dr. James Hall… If it wasn’t for his input and teaching methods…I wouldn’t have been able to write From Where I Stand. Dr. Hall helped me open up and write what I think I was meant to write. His courses helped me grow as a writer,” Dr. Hall’s literary work also had its effect on Zimmermann “…once I read his book Now You’re the Enemy I was inspired by that poetry to work on some of my own poems in different ways.”


Zimmermann’s various works have been the product of indie publishing. His involvement in indie publishing was something fueled by authors Rebecca Hamilton and S.M. Boyce. Social media became a means for Zimmermann to familiarize himself with these authors and over time he decided that indie publishing was something that could work for him. He described his experience through social media as “full of great people, not just writers but readers as well. I had some poems from my college courses that I knew I wanted to do something with…eventually the idea to keep writing a collection and putting it out myself came to mind.” Zimmermann has used indie publishing for poetry collections as well as his short erotica story Breakfast in Bed, “After working through some edits and beta readers’ notes, Breakfast in Bed was born. It was fun to write, and knowing that I have trouble writing prose (compared to poetry), it’s a piece I’m proud of.”


In terms of future writing endeavors Zimmermann doesn’t currently have any fixed projects in the works, “I’m just going to try writing whatever comes to mind. Once I get into the writing habit, I think more things will be definite and I’ll be able to complete them. I have some great ideas in my head for stories. I just need to get them on paper now.”


Winter's Homecoming and Other Poems

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Author Photo and Images By Robert Zimmermann


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