Q and A: With Peter Germany

Dan: What got you into Writing? – At what age did you start?

Peter: It was my friend and writing partner, Owen Arnold, who really got me into writing. We have known each other since we were eleven and from about the age of sixteen or so we had talked about writing a novel but it wasn’t until we were twenty one that we actually started writing. That first novel was really bad, but one day we’ll resurrect it.

Dan: Why have you decided to not “publish the traditional way” and go the indie route?

Peter: If I’m totally honest I am a bit of a control freak, I really don’t want to give up control of my writing. I want to decide what I publish and when, I want to choose the cover art. I am still going to submit shorter stories to the various magazines which are out there though. I think that is a very strong market with a quicker turn around.

Dan: You express an interest in movies, what genres do you usually go to the theatre for? Has this impacted your writing in any way? – Do you write in similar genres to your favorite movies?

Peter: I’ll go to the cinema to see most types of movies; I’ve got quite a wide and varied taste in what I like to watch. My favorite movies to see at the cinema are comic adaptations and large scale science fiction movies, which are one and same really.

I am sure I could come up with a dozen examples of how I’ve been inspired by a movie but in truth I think the biggest impact they have had on my writing is how I visualize what I’m writing. I picture it like how I’d like it to look if it was a movie; I think in an alternative universe I may be a movie director.

Dan: Your ‘Writers Who Have Influenced Me’ page on your site brings to attention 4 writers, Scott Sigler, Dan Abnett, Joe Haldeman, and Tom Clancy. Is there something similar about each of these authors that drew you to them? Or has each given you a different outlook in terms of story and overall writing style?

Peter: Nothing similar stands out as to why I’ve been drawn to these four authors; aside from each one is a fantastic writer. Each one I discovered separately, Tom Clancy was because of the Film adaptation of his novel The Hunt For Red October. With Dan Abnett I got a teaser of one of his Gaunt’s Ghosts novels and fell in love with it. Scott Sigler made his name giving his fiction away as a free podcast and Joe Haldeman I saw the cover for his omnibus Peace and War.

At the moment I’m not too sure how each one has affected my own style as I’m still learning what my style is. As for story I think I have picked up something from each but the biggest lesson that I have learnt is from Joe Haldeman. His book The Forever War was the first book I really read that had more of a look at human nature and society.

Dan: Okay, so you have a Video Game category on your site…that’s awesome. What games are you currently playing? You express spending time away from writing and playing video games in that absence. Do you find video games to be a positive way to spend free time as you do with reading and movies?

Peter: I’m not a huge video game player if I’m honest. There are games like Halo, Gears of War and the Grand Theft Auto games that I can religiously play. At the moment I have been playing Grand Theft Auto 5 mostly.

As a rule I think video games are very unappreciated by a lot of people as they have this stigma of being for kids, but when you look at the story lines that some have you can see that a lot of heart went into that side of it alone. For me video games can be a very negative element in my life because I’ll spend a week, maybe two just playing them and nothing else will get done. On the plus side though that break away from writing relaxes the creative part of my mind and exercises the problem solving part. So even the negative is positive.

Dan: Project Apollo is something you are working on with another writer? What has that experience been like? Same with The Residents.

Peter: Writing with another writer is one of the most exciting and challenging endeavors I’ve gotten into. Both of my writing partners, Owen Arnold and Chrystalyn Hope, are amazing writers in their own rights but when working together I’ve found that ideas come quicker as do solutions for an problems that crop up during the writing process.

Chrystalyn and I have only just started the brainstorming for The Residents but Owen and I have been working on various projects together for years. At times it has been challenging but that’s because we both have strong ideas and we’re always working to improve on what we are doing.

The main lesson I have learnt is that I need to sit and listen and then take the time to think through what Owen or Chrystalyn has to say. One of my faults is I don’t listen properly but that is something I am working on improving.

 Dan: What are some of the projects you are currently working on? Any ‘secret’ projects in the works?

 Peter: At the moment it is Project Apollo and The Residents which is at the front of my mind but I am trying to get through a back log of short stories which only need a few finishing touches to complete. No secret projects are in the works, but I want to get back to my NaNoWriMo novel from last year before too long.


Photo by Peter Germany

Read the written Interview HERE


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