Indie Author Interview with Ben Ditmars

Indie Author Ben Ditmars
Indie Author Ben Ditmars

Ben Ditmars, an indie author from Marion, Ohio, is the author of the story Gnomes of Coyûl. He’s been writing for as long as he can remember, having placed his friends into stories growing up, “I guess it was a natural progression.  Now, it’s mostly poetry, but I find it’s not so different.  Poetry is just another kind of story with more rhythm and emotion behind it.”

ben ditmars_gnomes

Along with writers Amber Jerome~Norrgard, Scott Morgan, Kriss Morton, and Rob Zimmermann, Ditmar was also part of the Quillective Project. This project put together by all of these authors has helped animals in need, “It was a great experience helping animals who have no voice to help themselves.”

Another endeavor that he was a part of was the podcast Lyrical Versification, which served as a means to “discovering what drives poets”. Ditmar and Norrgard are working to bring new life to the podcast in order to relate to a wider audience, “a broader focus to include more authors, musicians, etc.”

Writing has been one of Ditmars’ passions for years, but he is also very passionate about teaching. He is currently working towards his Master’s Degree at the University of Findlay where he hopes to one day teach social studies full-time, “I love to help people see their potential…I find it very important we learn from the past and know where we came from.”

Ditmars’ poetry collection Night Poems spread poetry throughout the different times of day. Currently he is working on a new collection titled Inhale the Night, “I have a lot of eclectic poetry included; tanka, a short epic, a historical poem about a prisoner of war.”



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