Indie Author Q and A with: Ben Ditmars

Q and A with Ben Ditmars

Dan: When did you decide you wanted to be a writer?

Ben: I’ve written stories for as long as I remember.  I wrote adventures about my friends when I was younger.  I guess it was a natural progression.  Now, it’s mostly poetry, but I find it’s not so different.  Poetry is just another kind of story with more rhythm and emotion behind it.


Dan: What was it like working on the Quillective Project? (What was the experience like working with other writers)

 Ben: It was a great experience helping animals who have no voice to help themselves.  The creativity of Amber Norrgard, Scott Morgan, Kriss Morton, and Rob Zimmermann was also incredible.  They really helped make the end product brilliant.

Four Paws


Dan: What was it like working with Amber Jerome-Norrgard on your podcast Lyrical Versification?

 Ben: I had a blast.  I love discovering what drives poets and so does Amber.  There is never a dull moment with the Reverend (she’s an ordained minister).  We’re currently working on revamping the podcast with a broader focus to include more authors, musicians, etc.


Dan: You’re currently working towards your Master’s Degree at the University of Findlay and express a desire to teach Social Studies full-time. What draws you to teaching?

 Ben: I love to help people see their potential.  Some of my favorite moments writing have been when I could inspire others to start.  And apart from writing, I have a deep passion for history.  I find it very important we learn from the past and know where we came from.


Dan: Your poetry collection Night Poems “takes on the seasons and every hour of the dark” , where did you get the idea for this collection?

 Ben: I like staying up late, and often there is no one to talk with.  I imagined others staying up late and thought how interesting it would be for poems to keep them company at different times.


Dan: Any upcoming projects in the works?

 Ben: As a matter of fact, yes.  I’m working on my third poetry collection, Inhale the Night.  I’m thinking it will come out in April, but I’m terrible with release dates.  I have a lot of eclectic poetry included; tanka, a short epic, a historical poem about a prisoner of war.

Indie Author Ben Ditmars
Indie Author Ben Ditmars

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