Tomorrow’s Shadow

short fiction by D.e.e.L

a shadow grows ever closer to the patio
Glenn Hartbeck sits with his newspaper and cream soda

Hartbeck feels the wind cooling
the once warm summer breeze making him shiver

“who’s out there?” he asks
but no answer as the shadow creeps closer
“you’d be wise to show yourself,” he says

again the shadow gives no answer
Hartbeck grabs for his rifle sittin beside the adjacent chair.
“last warning! I mean…”
a cool breeze cuts his words short.
he places his hand to his gut
he is bleeding. Hartbeck falls to his knees and gives out one last warning
before falling into the eternal sleep.
the shadow doesn’t say a word
the shadow just moves on
turning the green grass into frosted white as it creeps along the ground.

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