balcony XV

poetry by D.e.e.L

cars flashing by in the distance
a portable tv plays loudly below
so i turn the music on
beats and violin
sip scotch and stare at the orange light

the roommate turns on the tv
behind the glass of the balcony
and walks away
the night sky flickers beside me
and below me
as the same game plays
the score pointless to the poetry

the train shouts
shouts as it does every night
carrying the thoughts of freedom
in the distance

i run over the tracks
monday through friday
on my way to work
right now the bridge
right after the tracks
is under construction
being mended
middle lane closed
on the right side of the road
heading home

once home
i remove my shoes
they’re two years old
match everything

i make lunch for the next day
consists of rice
and other cheap remedies
to the necessary meal
five days a week
at noon

where the balcony is
where the poems live
like this one
at midnight
where the darkness is spoiled
by the light that haunts my bedroom window
the orange light scouring the parking lot
across the thin stream

like this one
this poem
where every word
counts for something real

where hope lies within the ones before it
the ones after it finishing the tale

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