Indie Author Interview with: C L Raven


Indie Authors Cat and Lynx - a.k.a C L Raven
Indie Authors Cat and Lynx – a.k.a C L Raven

C L Raven is a writing duo, composed of sisters Cat and Lynx, and are the authors of horror stories Soul Asylum and Gunning Down Romance. From an earlier age these two sisters have been reading and writing, even directing their friends in plays they created, “when we were about 9, we wrote a short play and made our friends perform it for the class. We think we gave ourselves cameos as gravediggers. Can’t even remember what the play was about.”

Growing up together writing their stories it’s only natural this would continue on into their stories going forward. This decision to write stories under one name and share the experience has proven to be nothing but beneficial, “it would be awful if only one of us got published, so we decided to combine and create one pseudonym. It’s great because if one of us gets stuck, the other one takes over.”

Horror stories have been the niche these two sisters have successfully delved into. Having been able to meet one of horror’s biggest movie icons Robert Englund (who played Freddy Krueger) was a great experience. The genre is something they’ve come to find more believable than romance, and these two are more than willing to dive into the darkness within humanity.

This writing duo has plenty to look forward to with an historical horror novella releasing this year and possibly their novel Bleeding Empire as well. They’re also interested in writing a graphic novel along with their cover artist River Rose on art duties.


Make sure to check out the Q and A for their fantastic response to my last question involving Hydra and Hercules!

Check out their website!

Find them on Twitter!

Author Picture via C L Raven

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