more coffee tomorrow

poetry by D.e.e.L

mind bending
with thoughts of tomorrow
where is this night going
when did i become a knight

melting because of the rain each morning
where is summer and full glasses
on a beach three years ago eating sushi
where is the poet

this coffee is my third
i got to work an hour ago
the customer service asked me what ETA meant
i hung up the phone and laughed
it wasn’t a happy laugh

charles splints always knows what to say
every situation
it’s like someone is speaking for him
he’s so wise

when will the rain stop pouring
because i just washed my car
why does it still snow
where is the poet

there’s an answer out there somewhere
but not too far
it’s close enough that i’ll find it someday
as long as i keep looking
it will answer the only question i have

when will tomorrow come?

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