midnight story

poetry by D.e.e.L

who reads at midnight?

who reads when the night becomes morning?

the addicts
the sleepless
who reads when the story is ten years old
and all the spoilers were posted online
for the world to see?
who reads for the language?
to see how the author managed millions

who reads for the love of adventure?
who writes for it?

who’s lucky enough not to dream?
not to be burdened by the lust for greatness
reach for the metaphorical stars
dream of being a super hero
a menace
an abomination
a vigilante
a law breaker
a real hero
endless power
a creative?

…a creative made hero
the one with the blazing cape
maybe the thought came at noon
or maybe at midnight
but once it struck
it snapped
and there stood a hero
pen in hand
with an idea on a wednesday
after a twelve hour shift
to pay for the paper degree
and live in the two-bedroom apartment
creating heroes
snapping dreams
at midnight

One comment

  1. There are people who read to relax and sleep, there are those who writ instead of sleep because that’s what and who they are. Without both our literary world would be “none” . Here’s to sleepless nights.


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