The Next Indie Author Interview…

….Will be ME!


Now, I know what you’re thinking. “Dan, there are sooooo many indie authors out there! Why do one on yourself?” And I know, I’ve met great authors with the interviews I’ve done so far, but here me out. This interview (of myself) will serve as an aspect to another project I’m working on. In this other project I’ll dive deeper into my own writing and mindset, and even explore where certain characters have come from. I hope there are those out there that will be able to relate to these ideas and be willing to share their own experiences in the comments section of this new Project.

Being an indie author myself and doing these interviews has shown me many people share a love for writing in similar ways I do. This is something I think is amazing. I’ve met people with busy lives, other passions, projects, but still are able to focus and put effort towards their writing and chase that Ultimate passion.

This Project will be posted as Three sections, and then collected into One cohesive project. I hope people look forward to it as well as getting to know me a bit better in this week’s upcoming Indie Author Interview. Thank you for all of those that have participated thus far, it’s been a pleasure getting to know you and the best of luck in your future writing!



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