Indie Author Q and A with: D.e.e.L


Dan: When did you realize you wanted to be a writer?

D.e.e.LGrowing up I’ve always loved creating stories. In elementary school I’d spend my lunch money on blank hardcover books at the little stand in the cafeteria. Getting a new one of those books, waiting to fill it up with a story, was always an exciting treat. From there the love for writing just grew. I remember even making a “printing press” using blocks once and telling my friend that didn’t want to add any words to his story that the machine would do it for him! Unfortunately the block printing press was on the fritz that day and didn’t work as well as imagination would have hoped.

In middle school I started drawing comics, consisting of stick figures because drawing isn’t really my forte, from composition notebooks I was able to create huge stories, with each new notebook bringing even more characters into the scheme. In total I did six of those books throughout the years. Still in my head I have stories left to tell using the same world those characters brought to life.

I remember a class in 7th grade, where everyone was asked what they wanted to be and I responded Writer. That’s stuck with me every day since.


Dan: What brought you to indie publishing?

D.e.e.L: Indie publishing was something I sought out for my first book, Blissfire. I’ve sent countless stories out to agents and have collected countless rejection slips. Indie Publishing gives me the opportunity to get something out there while still working on other projects that may or may not go the same route. Through indie publishing I’ve also been able to meet a great community of writers going the same path and share the same ideals within their journeys, and that continues to be a great experience.


Dan: You’ve written a story collection titled “Blissfire”, where did the idea from this come about?

D.e.e.L: Blissfire started off as just a single short story by the same name. I saw an article in the paper about a cold case being reopened regarding a burned down hotel. From that headline I began to think who would have burned that hotel and what might have taken place beforehand. I ended up creating a story revolving around hope and whether or not it’s so easily obtained. From this story the collection evolved. The two Abyss stories follow around a hopeful writer trying to get his big break. There are also stories of lost love and family, chasing love, and looking for bliss along the way.

The collection seemed like it took forever, but it was all worth it. I remember the experience of first holding the finished product in my hands and how surreal it was.Blissfire Everywhere!


Dan: Do you feel any certain authors have impacted your writing? If so, who? Why? How?

D.e.e.L: Charles Bukowski is a writer I’ve looked to. His style is so poetic and yet so straight forward it made its impact on me right away. His book Pulp I’ve read countless times over, the juggling of so many absurd plots all thrown together is done so well.

Another influence, I’ve begun reading more recently, is Scott Snyder. I started reading his work with the Batman Zero Year series, and have since made an effort to read everything else he puts out. His attention to detail in the plots are always impressive, the same applies for his story collection titled Voodoo Heart, which at some point might break the record that Pulp currently holds for most times read. It’s clear that he does his homework in regards to historical references and uses real world facts to push his stories even further. This attention to detail is something I would like to improve on in my writing as I continue to read more from this author.

There are others though, such as Hunter S. Thompson and Stephen King that are great examples of fantastic writing that I’ve always enjoyed reading as well. King even worked with Snyder on one of Snyder’s projects American Vampire during the series’ beginning (two of the best writers working together?! Yeah…go read it).


Dan: You’ve been writing a seemingly endless collection of stories called “The Hank Saga”. Where did the idea of this come from? How long will you continue to keep writing these stories?

D.e.e.L: The Hank stories started off as a means to explain how Nina (someone I used to work with) got a scar she had no memory of receiving. I said I’d write a story and that’s what came of it. The place I was working at the time gave a positive reaction to the absurd story and I continued them thereafter. The stories have since taken a more Hank based approach than when first started, and now there is even more fourth wall boundaries being crossed, is there a fifth wall? These stories are always so much fun to write because there is no telling what can happen. I will always be willing to bring Hank back with new adventures and I hope that never changes.


Dan: What brought about the idea for Charles “The Solver” Splints? What draws you to writing Hardboiled Fiction?

D.e.e.L: Ever since I took a detective fiction course in college and heard about Raymond Chandler and Dashiell Hammet I’ve been entranced by this genre. I like the hero that doesn’t follow the rules everyone else does, but still has a code that he himself abides by.Charles Splints Banner

I first stepped into writing detective fiction while working on my first novel (unpublished, and written years before Charred Crimson) as a means to escape the realm of that story and explore something new. I wrote a few stories and when it came time for Blissfire I wanted to write another one. The character came to life as I was writing Losing Focus on Reality. In that story he is seen as much older than how I portray him in stories now, but I still see it as an accurate depiction to whom he may become. When Blissfire was out and I wanted to write more I knew I wanted to pursue detective fiction even further, Charles Splints happened to be the right man for the job.


Dan: Any new projects you’re working on?

D.e.e.L: Good question, Dan.

Dan: Thanks, D.e.e.L.

D.e.e.L: I’m currently still working on my novel Charred Crimson as well as expanding the universe of Charles Splints. With Splints I’ve written the Black Coffee stories, two are out so far and there are still three more to come. With those stories happening I’m also writing other stories involving Splints as well as new characters I’m bringing into the mix. Pistol Wrists is something that will continue on as well as The Incredible Jaki. I also hope to bring my appreciation for comics/graphic novels into play in the future and begin taking some of my characters into that world of writing.


Dan: Tell me about Pistol Wrists. Where did that idea come from?

D.e.e.L: The first Pistol Wrists was an idea I had while driving home one day. Nothing except for the title came to mind but once I sat down to write it all came together. This was something I wrote while Blissfire was in the stressful editing stages and I needed an escape. I sat down to write something that I felt was to the best of my ability at the time. I’ve chosen to continue the stories to see where the character leads. I’ve had ideas when going into the sequels that have been squandered by the character’s reacting differently that I’d anticipated. If you have an idea for something don’t ever tell your characters what to do. Always write honestly to their reactions and let the story take you.

Indie Author D.e.e.L
Indie Author D.e.e.L


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