balcony XVII / forever blue


poetry by D.e.e.L

slingshot to the sun
in daylight
to the stars at night
to the cars
the road

slingshot to the moon
an escape
no work
no play
just a breathless life
with a great view
of the blue globe
before it turns grey

slingshot back to her
no not back to her
slingshot so far
past her
to someone else
a star
a star undiscovered
waiting for a poet

past the red lights
past the yellow
above the passing cars
the lives you’ll never know

become famous
that’s the goal
but not for everyone
the dreamers have a vice
the believers don’t

happiness isn’t found somewhere new
escaping not the means to solitude
it’s the defining moment
before dinner
after brunch
during the banquet
when you finally open your eyes
and realize you’re living
you’re awake
you’re in it
the dream
making strides
you’re on the moon
looking at the world
your world
forever blue
as you slingshot
passing over the grey

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