Indie Author Interview with: L.S Lynn

Indie Author(s) L.S Lynn
Indie Author(s) L.S Lynn

L.S Lynn is the author(s) of Hyrum and is a writing duo composed of Loretta and Scott Lynn. Both explored the world of writing growing up, but once they met the world of writing “exploded” and Scott’s tale he’d begun at the age of fourteen became their mutual project.

For most writers writing is a solitary task, open to only their own mind and ideas. That’s not the case with Loretta and Scott. They are able to bounce ideas off one another and in the process expand their fantasy world of Celn even further. This style of writing with two heads does however come with struggles, “You may think you’ve written this awesome scene and when your partner reads it, they’re like ‘yeah…buuuut…we need this, this, and this,’ and all you can do is slap your forehead because they could have been doing that the entire time.” With these struggles also comes some of their best breakthroughs, Scott had this to say involving their thought process, “Because we both have different ideas there tend to be multiple ways to solve them leading to many long conversations about the best way to compromise so both people are happy with the end result. “


They’ve been drawn to the fantasy genre because of the freedom it brings in terms of story and scenery. Combing their imaginations their able to create so many new creatures and people within the world of Celn. “I think the fantasy genre allows you to really use your imagination without setting up the confines of say, horror or crime fiction, because you can have all of that and your elves, too,” this was a notion brought up by Loretta. Scott’s reactions to the genre are quite the same as he brings in his experience and imagination from his Dungeons and Dragons days, “…a fantasy world is only limited by how much imagination you have leaving you zero boundaries. In Celn anything is possible and that’s what I love about it.”

This writing duo has many more stories planned. Their Hyrum stories will continue and they hope to branch off more stories for each character and expand the world even more. A zombie story seems to be rattling around along with a story about a cow uprising as well. Look out for more from these writers and explore the expanding world of Celn!

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