Godzilla (2014) Movie Review

This film experienced massive media treatment which served to give us small details over the course of months, bating our interests and increasing the hype. The film itself follows suit to this same idea. Much like films before it there are necessary plot lines in need of filling involving charters who can actually speak. Though doing a great job with the eventual reveal of the famous movie monster it wasn’t until well towards the movie’s end. We’re given small segments of the beast before we’re seconds later looking at something nowhere near as entertaining. Here is a great fight! …oh but…here’s what the people think of it…

This movie does however offer an excellent story and luckily doesn’t fall victim to any of the poor storytelling of our last look at a monster movie (Pacific Rim).

Maybe it’s the fact I wouldn’t mind watching 2 hours of just Godzilla fighting monsters, but in the end this movie does a good job of exposing you to all the elements such an attack would have. Godzilla is a caring “hero” putting himself in harm’s way to protect those in need and “restore the balance of nature”.

Rating 8/10

Now it’s time for me to fast forward through the older movies and just watch the fight scenes. Or maybe I’ll play Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters Melee…hmmm…


– D.e.e.L

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