Indie Author Interview with: Yvonne Mason


Yvonne Mason, an indie author living in Florida, is the author of A Voice From The Grave. The story that pushed her further into writing was one about her brother titled Dream Catcher, Failure Was Never an Option, “It is the true story of my brother Stan who is challenged both physically and mentally. It is the story of his success at a time in history when failure was the only option.”

She now has written many books within the horror genre, “What draws me to writing that genre is the ability to see humans as being flawed which we all are.” She tries to think of these scenarios people find scary and come up with ways they would be handled by the average person, “How many of us have had thoughts that crept into our minds and played tricks on us? It is not the aliens or the out of body experiences that create horror it is the everyday things in our lives that our minds use to trick us into believing bad things are going to happen. How many of us have walked through a graveyard at night and just knew something was going to jump out at us?”

Indie Author Interviews on!
Indie Author Interviews on!

Writing the kind of stories that keep you up at night isn’t Mason’s only passion. She’s also a motivation speaker. Through speaking she has been able to reinforce her positive attitude towards writing while she helps to inspire others to pick up the pen as well. When it comes to writing she said, “Never be afraid to play outside of the box. That is where self-confidence and self-esteem enters one’s life. If is how one finds one’s level and learns.”

When it comes to jumping into new projects Mason takes an organized approach and develops her stories and ideas over time, “When something strikes my fancy  I make a folder with a working title and when I am researching and something that I think will work for that book goes in that folder- it might be months before I ever start the book, because I am always working on more than one book.”

With more projects in the works Yvonne Mason is proving to be a very prolific writer. She is challenging herself as well as he readers to deal with topics you might not be familiar with. She’s dabbling into different genres and storylines and hopes readers will come along for the ride, “…when you read a book- look at a piece of artwork- listen to a piece of music- just let it flow- open your mind and soul- embrace it – let the story lead you instead of you trying to lead the story- Trust me you will get so much more out of it.”

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