Sarcastic Workout Plan


– By: Dan Leicht (@Deeliopunk)

Everyone’s been asking me how I stay in such great shape. Well today is your lucky day because I’m going to share my workout and diet plan with you!


Workout Regimen:

2 Sets of 20 minute naps (this can be tiring, pace yourself)

30 Reps of trying to pick something out on Netflix (this exercise works best if you’re really picky and think Max has no idea what he’s talking about)

4 Reps of getting up to get something to drink (works best if accompanied with the previous workout)

1 Rep of phone calling – Call the nearest place that makes Garbage Plates and tell them you’ll be there in 20 minutes – brace yourself, phones are heavy these days

3 Sets of trolling – At different periods throughout the day go on social media to make fun of everyone posting about their workouts every 5 minutes



Garbage Plates (If you don’t live in Rochester, NY google this…yea…pretty awesome, right?)


Energy Drinks



This routine can get pretty intense. Start off where you feel comfortable and over time you too can achieve the perfect summer bod!



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