Entertain Us – Poetry by Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L)

“Quiet down back there or i’ll turn this car around!”
he shouts it from the driver’s seat. Sara thinks him serious, Andy too, but I know he’s bluffing. he’s just as excited for this trip as we are. working five days a week, at least eight hours a day, sometimes more. he asked for this week off months ago, mom got it off last week when she asked.
so i know he’s bluffing
he needs the escape
the world beyond the desk
no meetings or order forms or sour coffee
a full week of worrying about us instead
making sure we stay entertained
he’s funny
always has been
i’ve been laughing long as i can remember
the days get to him
but he tries to hide it
until he can’t
like when he’s trapped in the car
driver it, in constant thought
the vehicle becoming is head
and he wants us all out of it so he can drive –
– as far away from work as possible

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