Hank & Rupert Meet Little Nani – By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk @HankSaga #HankSaga #LittleNani #Funny #MondayBlogs


Hank & Rupert Meet Little Nani

By Dan Leicht @Deeliopunk @HankSaga

“Hank, you’re working  for me tonight right?” asks Nina.

“What? Uhhh…” replies Hank, “I can’t, Rupert and I…”

Hank runs out of Blue Spaghetti’s with a sombrero on and two packs of bubble gum and heads towards the small section of woods next to the taco place.

“Rupert! Rupert, you here?” he shouts into the woods.

“Duh, you said you’d be twenty minutes. What happened?” the dragon maybe replies.

“Sorry, I ended up getting two lunches. And…I forgot your Chicken French…”

“What?! Seriously?” the dragon maybe replies. (Can we please get a narrator that speaks dragonese?)

“I’ll get  you some on the way,” says Hank as he runs up to Rupert.

“On the way to where?” his friend replies possibly.

“Anywhere but here!” says Hank as he frantically climbs onto his friend’s back as Nina comes running into the woods after him.

“Hank! You said you’d work my shift tonight! Get back here!”

Hank and Rupert fly up and away from poor little Nina on the ground, as she’s all pouting and mad and stuff.

“Where we headed?” asks Rupert.

“I don’t know yet. Let me know if you see anything cool,” replies Hank.

“What’s that down there?”

“What’s what?”

“There’s a little girl down there playing with ostriches,” replies Rupert.

“That sounds absurd! And fun! Let’s go down there then,” says Hank as he claps his wooden hands together. (Hank has wooden hands, half a licorice tail, and smells like cucumber melon on Tuesdays, in case you were wondering)

Rupert swoops down and heads towards the section of woods about thirty seven miles away from Blue Spaghetti’s, give or take three-hundred miles or so, and lands next to an orange oak tree with magenta leaves with blue stems.

“Hmmm, stuff sure does look different around here,” says Hank as he climbs down from Rupert’s back.

“I wonder why,” Rupert possibly replies.

“Oh! There she is!” shouts Hank as he runs into the woods.

“Dude, wait for me!” replies Rupert maybe.

Hank runs up to the little girl that has her head against a tree.


“Umm, excuse me…my…my name is…”


“Excuse me?”


“Excuse me!?!” shouts Hank.

“Yes?” says the little girl as she turns away from the tree. “I was just counting to twelve before I went to go look for my friends. Do you want to play with us?”

“What’s twelve?” asks Hank.

“Haha, you’re funny! Twelve is a number, silly. What’s your name? Mine is Little Nani!”

“You’ve lost me. Wait, so twelve…is a what now? Forget it. My name is Hank, Hank Carpenter.”

“It’s nice to meet you Hank Hank Carpenter,” replies the little girl as she picks up something from beside the tree.

“No, it’s just one Hank, I was trying to sound cool. It’s from a movie…well, movies actually. I hope to someday be in an endless franchise as well. Of course, I’d need a writer that was willing to endlessly write stories about me, possible have a gluten allergy, as well as have an addiction to coffee and tea. Know anyone like that?”

“Nope. Want to see some magic?” says Little Nani with a big smile on her face.

“Magic? Like the kind they do at Red’s Hotdog Emporium? This one time, haha, this one time Magic Steve was able to pick the card he showed me out of the entire deck after only fifty-one failed attempts! I was blown away. Magic just blows my mind sometimes.”

“That sounds neat, but watch this!” says Little Nani as she pulls the wand from her side and holds it out in front of her.

“Ohhhh, that’s what you were picking up from beside that tree,” says Hank in an effort to clarify things for the reader.

“Yup!” says Little Nani as she closes one eye and concentrates real hard. A spark shoots out from the tip of the wand and strikes a tree behind Hank. The spark splashes against the tree and turns the dark brown trunk a sparkling yellow. Soon the tree begins to catch on fire at the bottom and Little Nani begins to count down. “Ten…nine…eight…seven…”

“What’s happening? Where’s that fire prevention bear? I thought he showed up for these types of situations?!” shouts Hank as he runs around in circles.


“Where is the bear?!”

“…two…one…BLAST OFF!” shouts Little Nani as the tree begins to lift upwards like a rocket ship.

“But…a tree doesn’t…how’d you…” stutters Hank as the tree launches into the sky.

“I’m a witch!” shouts Little Nani.

“Say whaaaaaaaaaa,” says Rupert maybe as he makes his way through the trees towards his friend Hank that totally left him back there earlier in the story.

“A dragon!” screams Little Nani once she sees Rupert.

“A little girl!” Rupert possibly replies.

“Where did you get a dragon, Hank? He’s beautiful!” says Little Nani as she runs up to pet Rupert.

“He’s not beautiful, he’s a ruthless dragon! He was once a pirate and stuff, and he doesn’t like to be petted,” says Hank with his eyes shut and his arms crossed and his nose pointed upwards as people often do in animated movies. Hank opens his eyes and turns around to see Rupert on his back like a dog and Little Nani rubbing his tummy as Rupert’s tail wags back and forth.

“Rupert, you’re knocking down all the trees! Cut that out! This is no time for games, or wait…what time is it anyway?”

“It’s 3PM,” replies Little Nani after looking at her watch.

“She knew the time out of thin air! She’s a witch!” cries Hank.

“I sure am!” replies Little Nani.

“Ohh yeah…hmm. Very well then. So, aren’t we supposed to be looking for your friends?”

“Oops, I totally forgot! It’s okay though, I already know where they’re hiding,” replies Little Nani with a giggle that for some reason wasn’t included in her dialogue.

“Where?” asks Hank.

“They’re always at home eating cereal, but we play anyway because it’s fun! Want to see some more magic?”

“Sure, I suppose. But not until you see my magic!” says Hank in a heroic type voice as to sound cool.

“Ohh, yes!” says Little Nani as she claps her hands.

Hank leaps up into the air, since he can fly and stuff, and shoots a laser beam into the sky and into a cloud. The beam lights up the cloud a bright red as Hank chisels off sections of the fluffy precipitation maker/blocker of the sun/totally bummer of a thing to exist, and soon the cloud is shaped like Rupert.

“Yay!” says Little Nani as she falls over from giggling.

“You like it?” asks Hank.

“Hahaha, yes!” replies Little Nani.

“Does my butt really look that big?” says Rupert with a sad look on his face.

“Only when you wear that black dress,” replies Hank as he descends back to the ground.

“You said that would be our secret…”

“Oh, yeah, umm…nothing about a dress was said just now, carry on then.”

“You two are funny! Do you want to come over and meet my friends?” asks Little Nani.

“We’d love to, but it’s getting awfully late, Rupert has a tooth ache, my back hurts, I have homework due in the morning, Rupert is afraid of strange places he’s never been before, I think my stove is still on, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night thinking I didn’t flush the toilet, I once had a salamander named Tommy when I as a kid that my mom told me escaped but I found under the couch playing cards with my pet gerbil my mother also told me had ran away, Tommy had a straight and was pretty confident, but Gerby, that was the name of my gerbil, had a royal flush, and since Tommy bet my entire house we had to move out, even though he didn’t officially have ownership of the house, but nobody, not even my father, was willing to argue with Gerby since he’d started eating his vegetables and his daily fiber, and that’s why I don’t like pancakes,” replies Hank in a reasonable manner.

“Okay, but promise you’ll visit again soon?” says Little Nani with that pouting face kids often do to melt your heart and make you feel all warm and guilty inside.

“Awww, we sure will,” replies Hank as he pets Rupert’s nose.

“Uhhh, Hank…what are you doing?” asks Rupert maybe.

“Oh, uhh, my bad. Umm…wait…do you hear something?”


“We’ll be back! Have a nice time! Tell your friends I said HI!!” shouts Hank as he quickly climbs onto Rupert’s back.

Hank and Rupert fly up into the sky as Nina shakes her fist into the air and Little Nani waves goodbye.

“Hey, Hank?”

“Yes, Rupert?”

“If you can fly…why do you need me to fly you everywhere?”

“Because we’re best friends.”

“Awww, but seriously…”



Little Nani is a character created by @CintaNani78

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By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) November 10th 2014

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