Hank and Dan Movie Reviews – Oculus


“Why are we watching this movie? Isn’t it supposed to be scary?”

“Hank, we’re not currently watching this movie. We already watched it yesterday. We’re just writing the review for it now.”

“Oh, yeeeaaaah. I remember now. This is the movie about the boy who doesn’t believe in Santa, but then gets invited on a train, goes to the north pole…”

“That’s Polar Express, and has nothing to do with this movie.”

“Really? Could’ve sworn Oculus was about Christmas.”

“Well it’s not. It’s about a haunted mirror.”

“A mirror? Hmmm…not ringing any bells. Haha, get it? Because of the boy’s present from the movie? Do you get the joke, Dan?”

“You’re not funny. This is a movie review for Oculus, not Polar Express.”

“It’s actually The Polar Express.”

“Whatever, Hank. Let’s show the trailer for Oculus so people can get a better idea of the movie…since you’re certainly not helping.”

“Fine, fine. I’ll help. I have the trailer right here, I’ll put it up.”

“Thank you, Hank. That’s very nice of you.”

“I know.”


“Yes, Dan?”

“That’s not the trailer for Oculus!”

“It most definitely is. I told you it was about Christmas!”

“That’s the trailer for Polar Express!”

The Polar Express.”

“Whatever. You know what? I’m done with this review.”

“Awww, Dan. Don’t be like that. Tell me about Oculus. Did you like it when Santa gave the boy the bell towards the end?”

“I hate you.”

“That’s not true. What about the part where they go looking for their presents. Remember that part? Good times…goooood times.”

“Anywaaay…if you like horror movies you should go watch Oculus. If you want something CHRISTMAS related you should watch THE Polar Express.”

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