Looking for a weekend read? Check out these great books! #ShortStories #Poetry #Novels

The weekend is upon us, well almost…just finish work today, or you know what? Leave early today! Oh…no PTO time left? Yeah, better not leave early then. Anyway, when you do finish work today you’re going to want something awesome to read – which is why I’ve created this great list with limited choices so that you can choose your weekend read easily!

weekend reading!

Looking for funny short stories that are great for children and adults? (They’re that funny!)

The Funny Adventures of Little Nani – Cinta Garcia de la Rosa


How about poetry? This collection by Ben Ditmars is just .99 cents on Kindle!!

Night Poems – By Ben Ditmars


Maybe you’re looking for something scary? Is that it? Well then you’ll want to check out…

Soul Asylum by C.L Raven


See something you like? You can learn more about each of these authors by checking out the Indie Author Interview section of my blog.

Hope you can find a new story to relax with this weekend! Here’s a picture of what you’re weekend life might look like! Pretty nice if you ask me, which if you’re reading this you kind of are.

redcoffee mug and kndle

Have a great weekend!

Oh, and one more thing! Don’t forget this part (it’s the most important part!)


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