Help For The Gluten and Dairy Allergic

Kait Nolan

I’ve been largely absent from social media for much of the last week.  Some of that’s been because of family in town, but a lot of it is because I’ve had my head down, working hard on a new project that I’m really passionate about.

Tell me if any of this sounds familiar.

You’ve been diagnosed with a gluten or dairy allergy and you now feel compelled to hide from all social engagements because facing all the food you can’t eat is too depressing to contemplate.

You want to cook for the church potluck, but you just found out the minister’s allergic to gluten.

You volunteered to bake something for your kid’s class, but you just found out that one of the children has a dairy allergy.

You go to a family gathering where you, the food allergic, have been assured they’ve got you covered, only to discover nobody really…

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