Writing Music – What do you listen to while you write? #Music #amwriting #writing #amreading

Time to write? Put on the playlist (do we all have one of these at the ready?) Whether it’s writing or reading there’s always a certain type of music I go to in order to properly zone out. Personally I don’t like any music with words while doing either – maybe you do? What are some of the bands you like to listen to while you write?

See one of mine below

What are some other bands I should be checking out? I’ll share another next week – let’s help build eachothers writing music libraries!

(artist above is Lindsey Stirling

Check out her Youtube Page


    • Awesome! Thanks for sharing more music. Trying to broaden my playlist a bit…hasn’t been updated in quite a while. And the style you listen to is the same as mine. Thanks for sharing 🙂


  1. Normally I have the TV on while I write, but when I listen to music it is normally Bach or Mozart. Their music has been scientifically proved to improve the mental performance when doing something creative


  2. You know I used to listen to music when I was writing – jazz, blues, Chopin piano solos, violin concertos, etc. But recently I picked up one of those sound machines at the thrift store for a couple of bucks. It had oceans sounds and the book I was working on had several scenes at the ocean so I thought it would help form the scenes in my mind. It did, worked like a charm – but I’ve found that’s all I listen to now when I write. For me, it’s perfect.


    • that’s actually pretty cool. sounds worth a try. sometimes just the sound of my fan blaring in my room works well too. – anything to drown out crying baby in apartment below/roommate shouting at online gaming.


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