Sunday’s #PoetryRewind – By @Deeliopunk


Can a downward spiral

Ever change direction?

Condemned is the fool that doesn’t see you from either side of the cleansed

Though of course too dark has become the glass

Tinted by your lies



Just to say a single word

Shot and shot to build my courage

Now her name escapes me

Never been much for names anyhow


Click sofly

as not to make a noise

as a sound would be a heartbeat

lost to us all


Forever in a moment do I not exist

Lapse of time frail to the pavement of man

Perhaps it be full of gin this time

Forbid me from this world

as I fear that I do not belong within its light



If one could truly walk forever without giving thought to their feet

One could truly live




I couldn’t imagine life without pain until I had to endure it


step towards me without getting any closer

as I hope only to catch a glimpse

of you

the actuality of you

not that person everyone else knows by name

but the nameless goddess

I portray you to be


For more poetry check out the Poetry Page





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