The Circus On A Tuesday (The 58th Story in The #HankSaga) By @Deeliopunk @HankSaga

The Circus On A Tuesday – The 58th Story in The #HankSaga By @Deeliopunk


Two men walk into a circus

one orders a balloon

the other a milk.


By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) Feb, 9, 2015

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“Wait…that was it?”

“Umm, yeah? Why?”

“That wasn’t a #HankSaga story! That was just some lame joke!”

“It was totally a #HankSaga story, Hank.”

No it wasn’t, Dan.”

Yes it was, Hank.”

“I’ll write a story for this week if you’re going to be so lazy about it.”

“Hank, your technically a character created by me…so whatever you write i’m actually writing.”

“I don’t have time for all of your rules, Dan. Just hand me the laptop. I got this.”


“Once upon a midnight’s slumber…”

“Oh man, here we go.”

“Ahem… Once upon a midnight’s slumber a giant fell off her bed and hit her head on the radio. The radio had been playing the catchiest song of the week and the giant (named Nina) was quite upset when the song stopped played. In her aggressive state she jumped out the window and into the candy shop where she ordered a pizza made of raw cookie dough. While drinking the pizza she remembered it was a Tuesday and that the circus was in town. So she called her friend DJ Rae Rae to come pick her up, because even though Nina thinks it’s okay to blow up other people’s vans like it’s no big deal, she doesn’t even have a car for herself!

DJ Rae Rae picked up Nina at half past quarter to nine in the am when the sun was just starting to get that really creepy glisten to it and the rain was falling just high enough not to hit your head during polka.

The circus was already started by the time they got their at almost eight pm when the sun was just starting to fall asleep within the darkness.

“Ahoy!” said Richard from up in the stands.

“Who’s he?” asked Nina since Richard isn’t a recurring character in these stories.

“That’s Richard,” replied DJ Rae Rae. “Hi, Richard!”

They both took their seats, making sure to sit as far away from Richard as possible. The grand finale was about to start – but Nina forgot her headphones again so she couldn’t listen to any of her books on tape.

“Here he is, Ladies and Gentleman!” he shouted.

“Shut up, Richard!” shouted Nina from the lower stands. “We’re trying to watch the show!”

“Oh sorry,” replied Richard.

The blingmaster came out and announced the next act. A heroic man would fly a massive fire breathing dragon! Oh the insanity! The bravery! The absolute gorgeousness of his wooden exterior!

“Here he is….HANK!”

Do do dooooo do do doooooo do do dooooooo

doo doo doooo dooooooooo

The crowd goes wild! And then they sit in complete silence as the brave Hank climbs onto the dragon’s back.

“Onforth and onward!” I, I mean he, shouts.

The two buzz and twirl about the room as if majestic bees flying through a storm trying to dodge the persistent raindrops of solitude.

“Are his hands made of wood?” said the insensitive giant Nina to the obviously also giant DJ Rae Rae on the obviously also giant stands at the obviously also giant circus.

“No, silly. They’re made of hope,” replied DJ Rae Rae, “they’re made of hope.”


“Your hands are made of hope, Hank?”

“Hope, Oak, same thing.”


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