Wait…what’s twelve? You’re not alone!

How often has this happened to you – you’re walking along the street, maybe it’s August (think warm thoughts) and you notice something in the window of a store that you really want. Of course there’s no price-tag on it, they want you to come in an ask so they can try to convince you. Maybe it’s a nice hat, you try it on, and you just love the way it covers up your bald-spot. You ask they price and the store clerk replies “Twelve dollars” – WHAT?! You have NO IDEA WHAT TWELVE IS! Has this happened to you before? Of course it has (it’s happened to all of us). The three stories below are meant to make sure you feel less alone in the unknowing world of twelve. Was is it? Will we ever know?

I Don’t Know Twelve – Story #1

I Don’t Know Twelfth Street – Story #2

IDK A Dozen – Story #3


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