NEW STUFFS (in a list!)

In the eternal words of Marilyn Manson “This is the new shit”. 

The Wandering Eyes – poem

Chocolate in your Whiskey – poem

Lit Pages – poem

Chatter – poem

Dragon’s Breath – poem

IDK A Dozen – short story


Been keeping up with recent Hank Saga stories? Hmmmmm? Of course you have, just in case your Uncle hasn’t though here’s a few of the latest. 


Cats are Roses: And Other Tales (Story #56)

New Gemini (Story #57)

The Circus on a Tuesday (Story #58)

Home Bitter Home (Story #59)


Also been taking trips down memory lane as of late, so be sure to check out some of these guys, er, poems, stories, you know what I mean right? 

DBSP – short story


Sunday’s Poetry Rewind:


no Words; only Sounds

Trinket for a Melody



Nina’s Scar (Story #1) / Classic #HankSaga Friday Version

Chris’ Kidney (Story #2) / Classic #HankSaga Friday Version

Dan’s Bruise (Story #3) / Classic #HankSaga Friday Version


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