MC Frisbee Rockstar (4th #HankSaga Story) By @Deeliopunk #ClassicHankSaga Fridays!


MC Frisbee RockStar – By: D.e.e.L

A story about the bond between a man and his Frisbee


“Hey Mike how was your weekend?”

“Oh, you know, I did some stuff with my music and played disc golf.”

“Yea…so um, is that really what you did?”

“Yea, why?”

“I just feel like your weekend was a bit more exciting and you’re leaving out the details.”

“What do you think I did over the weekend?”


“Well…Friday night you had to work because someone needed their shift covered and you said you would cover a shift for them if such a circumstance was to arise and cause the need for such a circumstance to take place. Once home that night you began to pack your bags for the big day that was going to happen in the morning. You filled a backpack up with mass amounts of Frisbees as well as your drums and a guitar, the bag was difficult to zip up, but you managed to make it happen with pure determination and the help of your wife.

Once arriving at the place of your arrival you unpacked your bags and put on your eye shadow and wristbands used to soak up all the sweat you will have pouring from your poor pours whom I feel bad for because it was most likely all salty and quite unpleasant for them to be soaking in.

You arrive at the arena and the stage is set, the crowd arrives at five and you are there by twelve for some reason. By yourself you begin to practice your routine without anyone around because you are the only one there. You notice your shoe is untied and by the time you figure out how to tie it again its five after five and you are rushed onto stage. The crowd roars as you are in front of a mass mob of lions awaiting your Saturday night routine at the Zoo Arena.

Placed about the arena are hoops and buckets in which you skillfully throw your discs into and hear the roar of the crowd as each one drops into its target and shoots fireworks out into the crowd of lions, which was a poor decision on part of the pyrotechnic guys because the lions became very outraged at this. One of them stood up and removed its head, only to reveal that it wasn’t a lion at all!

Before you standing before him as he was looking at you, you saw Hank. His nose was broken from when I heroically as well as handsomely threw a massive rock into his face and launched him all the way across a bunch of miles where he crashed through a costume shop and landed into the lion’s den.

Hank stepped up on stage and challenged you to a disc-off, which then caused you to run around in circles at least thirty-seven times before you responded by saying the opposite of the word “No”, which many know to be “Yes”, but you thought it was “On”. You both pulled discs from the ammunition belts strapped across Eddy’s Chest.

The fireworks began shooting off into the sky as well as the roaring crowd as each of you effortlessly made baskets, or hoops, or holes, or whatever it’s called when people throw disc’s at things from a far distance and call it a sport. The scoreboard began shooting up and smoking as the numbers were flying upwards on Hank’s side, it was a close match as Hank was nearing the one-hundred mark and you were closing in on twelve.

Just before Hank’s score reached the winning number all of the lion’s got really annoyed with the fireworks and leapt onto stage. You tried fighting them off as Hank was busy not dealing with them as he had left for the bathroom a few seconds prior.

The lions were going mad and you knew what had to be done, so you picked up the microphone that was sitting on the ledge and you began to belt out the most horribly amazing song ever sung into that microphone in the past few days. Once hearing the song the lion’s joined hands and started to dance around you, the fireworks shooting off on all sides of the arena as you were throwing discs while simultaneously flowing from your mouth the most poetic tone of voice ever sung in the past few days into that microphone that you had found sitting on the ledge.

Hank returned from using the bathroom to see you winning the hearts of the lions and became outraged! So he left. Oh, and Maria was there too, but she didn’t say anything, just sat in the back of the arena eating pasta that wasn’t Gluten-Free.

The show finished

You got the numbers of all the cute lionesses

You never called any of them

Hank technically won.



By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L) Feb,20, 2015

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