What’s up next for Charles Splints?

With 2014 being the year of Black Coffee I think 2015 needs it’s own Charles Splints story…right? But a single story? Or another series of short stories? That’s a question that needs….”The Solver”. – Get it? It’s his nickname…


Charles “The Solver” Splints first made an appearance in my story collection Blissfire in the story “Losing Focus on Reality”. In this story he’s fallen too far from his hard boiled days to be able to return to them alone. A young woman knocks on his door and gives him a case. She needs to find someone…but who?


– So Why bring Splints up now? Well, partly because I need to get my mind rolling again in regards to a story. Writing detective fiction is a lot of fun, especially with a character like Charles Splints. In Black Coffee he goes through a complete transformation, even denying his favorite drink come the stories end! Oh, um, spoiler alert? – His favorite drink isn’t black coffee by the way…

So perhaps this little insight will get you excited for more Charles Splints as much as I am – which is a lot. I wonder what he’ll be up to next…the ideas are already starting!



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