Scott Alan Wade ‘Bloodline’ Review

Horror Novel Reviews

Written by: Dave Robertson

The main character of Bloodline is an ordinary man named Thomas Gage. Thomas works in a Vegas Casino where he is chosen as right hand man to the person in charge, Victor Hill. Thomas is conscientious, he works hard, and he earns a good position in the company. He respects his boss, Victor, even though the man has some quirks. For one, Victor never goes out in the daylight, never touches anyone, and wears gloves at all times. As the two build a solid business relationship, Thomas begins to learn more about his boss. Victor is part of a very old and powerful family. They have a hereditary condition that causes them to avoid sunlight. They have extraordinary physical powers. They are unique beings, though Victor is clear they do not drink blood. They are not vampires.

Thomas tolerates his boss’s odd needs as he seems…

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