image Got my Balcony back today!



Winter is finally leaving (I hope) and today I spent some time out on the balcony! First time in too long (had the coldest February on record this year). There’s another chair you can’t see in this picture, the one I sit in — I usually have my feet up on the one the computer is sitting on right now. And it doesn’t look like it, but there’s coffee in that mug…this picture was taken after a few sips were already had…on the trip from the coffee maker to the sliding glass door…

The view isn’t much, but it’s enough. There’s a school off in the background and a train that runs every now and then even further back (you can’t see the train, but you can sure as hell here it). Right below the balcony though is a creek that makes a tranquil sound great for zoning out to. During the Summer though there are sports usually being played and coaches usually yelling, so any time spent out on the balcony during those times calls for headphones to be put in. Still, it’s a great escape from the usual writing areas (in my room, or in the chair in the main living room) and I look forward to spending time out their either reading or writing.


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