Sunday’s #PoetryRewind – Anxiolytic / by @Deeliopunk


waiting room
sitting for too long when there are things to do
so much to do before sitting and becoming lost
for now just sitting and becoming anxious
anxiety, flipping pages in a magazine
staring at strangers
typing a poem on a phone
– need to do:
haircut, grocery shopping ( the store close to me doesn’t have the bread i like, at the dentist appointment near parent’s home, will have to stop at store near here)
kicking in, kicking in the morphine of tranquility
starting up, starting up, that ever persistant anxiety
have to drive to the home away from home
where i’ll finish this poem
after watching a movie with coffee and popcorn
i’ll finish this poem after having turned the T.V off
i’ll be sitting in the dark in the reclining blue chair
with a blanket over my lap
as i stare into a lit phone’s screen to finish typing
i’ll finish typing the poem i started in the waiting room
after i finally got to where i wanted to be
did what i wanted to do
i’ll finish writing it right before bed
my mind at rest
heart tranquil
awaiting dreams
knowing this poem got me through today
and knowing the next poem will have to wait until tomorrow

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