Revisiting Charles Splints Poetry – New Story Out Tomorrow on / @CharlesSplints @Deeliopunk

With a new flash fiction piece coming to tomorrow featuring Charles Splints I thought today would be a good day to look back at some of the poetry featuring the character. In his poetry Splints solves case just as he does in the prose stories, but they seem to go by a lot quicker… something in the coffee?


Below are a few of the poems

Free Drinks for Life

The Deed

Steel Colored Eyes

On the Rocks

Tim Reads an Old Case

Something I tried later on was the notion of “What if Splints acted like this when he was a kid?” granted a lot of the themes aren’t quite the same, but his basic personality still comes off in the poems where he’s a young school kid taking on the important cases of elementary children.

fancy lineresize

A young seven-year-old Charles (don’t call him Charlie) Splints takes on a case during recess in Gumshoe

The Bubblegum Bandit – Another case for young Charles (don’t call him Charlie) Splints

Hear about Charles as The Hall Monitor

What happens when Charles is sent to the Principal’s Office?

Be sure to check out tomorrow for some new Charles Splints!

Check out the Charles Splints story DEVIL

Also check out the story HOME

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