#ClassicHankSaga Friday! Nina’s Mohawk (Story #22) – By @Deeliopunk @HankSaga #FridayReads

 Nina’s Mohawk

Story #22 in The #HankSaga – By: D.e.e.L

Originally posted February 21, 2014

“Hey, Nina. Whooooooa…new haircut?”

“Yea! I went to this awesome place! Here I’ll show you there website!

“Psshhh…you mean ‘their’. And I already know how you got that Mohawk…”

“Oh, geez…how did I get this Mohawk, Dan?”

“Well…you were jogging on a Sunday between shifts of your two jobs you now have since you got that other job alongside your current job and you stopped to get ice cream at a mysterious truck parked right outside the ice cream factory where other trucks that looked exactly the same as this truck were parked. This truck however was mysterious…because it was. You knocked on the window of the truck and heard a frail voice from the other side of the window you just knocked on say “Yes?” and even though that sounds like an answer it didn’t answer the question that your knock was trying to ask. You knocked again. The window exploded and you were thrown backwards and into a bush of some kind that has a funny name, like booger bush or something.

Inside the bush everything looked different, there were various shades of green as well as a few colors that haven’t been named yet, like _____ as well as ______ and there was even _____________ __’ _______. You stood up and found yourself sitting in or on a chair, whichever is your personal preference, and realized that you were sitting in the middle of a bush fairy dance recital! They were playing your favorite song – the one that reminds you of your ex – and just when the song was about to end you were ejected from the bush because it was clear that you were indeed not a bush fairy…like…it was really clear…your hair was a mess.

Once ejected from the bush you noticed that you were crying (you didn’t realize this at second). The tears were falling from your face and flooding the entire world! – like that song that reminds you of your ex – you slipped in your own tears (irony!) and fell forward and through the window of the mysterious truck.

The odor of the truck was a mysterious one. But something about it felt so familiar. As if you’ve been there before. Before you could react to what happened before your reaction you noticed that someone had been giving you a haircut for the past ten minutes. You felt your head. Something seemed different. You asked for a mirror and a voice that sounds a lot like Hank’s responded “No mirror.” You turned around to see who it was…and…it was…(suspense!)…Hank! (A twist!)

“Is this your van?”

“It would have been…”

“What’s that mean?” you asked in a mysterious manner.

“If you hadn’t blown my van up!”

“Oh,” you responded in a mysterious manner.

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