NEW #HankSaga Tomorrow!

“Dan, are you trying to tell me that tomorrow…on a Friday…you’re going to release a new HankSaga story?”
“Well, yes and no, Hank. I’ll explain.”
“Please do.”
“I was just about to.”
“Well got on with it then. Everyone is waiting.”
“Why do you always do this?”
“Do what?”
“You keep interrupting me and then make it seem like my fault.”
“Dan, we’ve been through this before. I’m just a character you created years ago to entertain people you worked with at a restaurant. If anyone is arguing here it’s you…with yourself. You should see someone about that.”
“You should see someone about that…”
“Are you going to explain or what?”
“You’re going to explain or what…”
“I guess we’ll never know where to find this new HankSaga story…”
“It’s going to be on Cinta’s blog! I’ll post a link to it tomorrow!”
“That sounds delightful. Thank you for sharing that information with us, Daniel.”
“It’s Dan.”
“What’s Dan?”


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