#ClassicHankSaga Friday! – Hank’s Machine – By @Deeliopunk/@HankSaga #FridayReads

Hank’s Machine

Originally posted 2-27-14

“Hey there, Dan. What you up to?”

“Just working on this story.”

“That’s neat. Can I read it?”

“No, I’m not finished with it yet.”

“Oh, well how long until it’s done?”

“My lunch break is only thirty minutes, so I mean…”

“I get it.”

“What was that wink for?”

“Because I get it.”

“Stop that. It’s creepy.”

“You shouldn’t use ‘that’ in your writing, Dan.”

“I knooow…we’ve been through this before.”

“That’s good.”


“I’m going to go work on my machine now.”

“You’re machine?”

“Yes, my machine.”

“Why are you pronouncing the ‘ch’ sound like that when you say it?”

“What do you mean? It’s spelled with the ‘ch’ sound not the ‘sh’ sound…dummy.”

“Ehh…whatever, man. Have fun.”

46 Hours later (In fictional story time…not real time…that would be crazy…I don’t have that…eh…enough patience for…something)

“Hank, where have you been? You missed the party!”

“I’ve been fixing things, Dan.”

“Have you been up all night fixing?”

“I gotta fix, man…you don’t understand.”

“Hank…put down the screwdriver.”

“Have you seen my hammer? Have you?!”

Dan places the hammer behind his back.

“No, Hank. I haven’t seen your hammer. Come on, let’s get some breakfast.”

“But it’s Saturday! Nobody eats breakfast on a Saturday!”

“Technically it’s Thursday.”

“46 hours passed, man…it’s Saturday…I think..right?”

“Probably. Now let’s get some breakfast.”

“No can do. This door needs to be fixed.”

“Nothing is wrong with the door, Hank. Let’s go and get some breakfast. Bacon? Mmmmm…sounds good right? Whoa! Why did you attack the door?”

“Because…it needs to be fixed.”

Dan pulls Hank’s screwdriver out of the door.

“Here, if you’re going to be fixing things then at least use a professional screwdriver.”

“This screwdriver is plastic.”


“I can’t fix anything with this.”

“Yes you can, Hank. You can fix yourself.”

A magical tune plays from the sky and little elves playing harmonicas appear from the floor and dance around.

“Was I supposed to learn something from all of this?”

“Did you?”

“Not really.”

“Oh, hmm…I guess not then.”

“Can I have my hammer back too?”

“In time…in time.”



“You just made a hammer time joke?”



By Dan Leicht (D.e.e.L)

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