“Don’t you ever stop writing?” she asked.

“Why would I ever stop writing?” I replied.!This section of my website showcases all of the different genres, stories, poetry, works in progress, and new releases. See those tabs that come out when you wave the mouse over this category? Click around and explore the different stories I’ve written.

Poetry, fantasy, mystery, short stories, rhymes…sometimes.

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Here’s an example of a typical morning in my life –


Websites to find more stories:

Smashwords – poetry eBooks and short stories of various genres

D.e.e.L’s eBooks on Amazon –

The Writer

The Writer



Wattpad – Free to read eBooks

A character that first appeared one of the ten stories included in Blissfire makes his return on Smashwords – A Splints Case for Everyone

Black Coffee - Splints cover-smash

And now for some poetry –

mayonnaise sandwich – D.e.e.L

a poem – by: D.e.e.L

she was calm, collected some might say.
knit tightly to the room’s dark corner.
her hands,
her hands covered in mayonnaise.
the bread thrown casually about the kitchen floor,
or at least as casual as a tantrum can bring.
her mother, her brown-eyed, green-haired, pop-singer mother, she is motionless on the floor.
five minutes earlier…
her mother had passed out
from too much singing.
she moves from the corner.
mother? she asks.
but her mother will not move for a few hours
or minutes, maybe.
her father is upstairs watching buffalo teams lose.
she crawls up the steps. getting mayonnaise everywhere.
the carpeted steps becoming escalating napkins to her fingers.
father? she asks.
but he doesn’t pay any attention.
dammit buffalo! he yells.
she holds back tears and descends the steps.
her small hands pick up the bread from the kitchen floor.
she places them onto the counter even though she isn’t tall enough to see it’s surface.
she drags a chair over from the kitchen table.
she climbs up.
her small hands take hold of the mayonnaise jar.
she uses a spoon to scoop it like ice-cream.
the mayonnaise plops onto the soiled bread.
she slaps two covered pieces together and steps down from the chair.
she steps over her mother.
her small hand picks up the tv remote.
she sits on her father’s favorite brown chair and watches Judge Judy while eating her mayonnaise sandwich.
she smiles.

Another Charles “The Solver” Splints adventure in a poem –

splints-free drinks poem

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