Detective Fiction

2 Free Books via Smashwords!

Wads – A Free Detective Fiction ebook that can be found on Smashwords


Wads 2  –

wads 2 smashwords cover


Charles “The Solver” Splints:

Charles Splints from “Losing Focus on Reality” in my story collection Blissfire

Charles comes back and gets a short story via my smashwords ebooks – Check out his return case titled – Devil

Now Available on Amazon:



Banton’s an heir to his parents wealth left behind. In a mysterious death both his parents are found dead in their room. Who done it? Only time will tell, each story giving a snippet to Banton’s past while he focuses his attention to new matters ever growing in the present. See where it all ends in Banton: The Crime of Cavalere – and await to see where it all began in upcoming stories.


Banton: The Crime of Cavalere

– This story is also available to read on Wattpad

See his next case in Banton: Killer Confidence

Banton - Killer Confidence - smashwords

Other Charles “The Solver” Splints Cases written in poetic short short stories –

The Deed

Steel Colored Eyes

On the Rocks

Tim Reads an Old Case

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