Blissfire: Short Stories

These ten stories surround the endless chase for bliss that we are all constantly running. Each story focuses on a character that is striving to find that happiness that will change everything. Some chase after their dreams, others need to fill the wounds of their hearts, and some even need to be reminded of who they truly are. From down into a bottle to writing under a bridge, bliss comes to us in many forms. Each story pushes and compels you into the next as you meet new people and learn their worlds of mind.

Written in a poetic tone, this collection offers a read from the heart.

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I was chasing my own bliss while writing this, filling the wounds of my own heart just as each character does. Follow them along and join in their strides for the eternal bliss we all crave, perhaps even discovering your own during the ride.

Blissfire for your Kindle!

Blissfire for your nook!


Blissfire is my collection of short stories, my first published work. I’ve written a lot since then, nothing else in paperback…yet( Charred Crimson!) but Blissfire is still my go to for anyone interested in my writing. The stories are about chasing Bliss, much like what I was doing when writing this collection. More than anything in the world I want to be known as a writer, and going through this process made me realize how much of a struggle than can be, but it will never stop me. I’m very proud of this book and it’s always amazing to see reviews of it, it makes all those hours and sleepless nights all the more worth it. I remember the feeling of first holding the finished work in my hands, something that is just so surreal. I can’t wait to relive that feeling over and over again throughout my life. Thank you so much to those that have reviewed Blissfire. It really means the world to me!


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