Groovy Cool Adventures!

The GCA stories were started by both Cinta and myself and has since grown to quite a few stories between the two of us. Each story having to follow three prompts from each of us, but then we each write our own versions. It’s fun to see how different our character’s and stories have played out. More to come in 2014!

Cinta’s Stories –!gca—cintas-version/cf8

D.e.e.L’s Stories –!gca—deels-version/cloq

Another cool story is one that we wrote together completely by passing it back and forth through emails until it was eventually finished! Our character’s in this story seem familiar…don’t they? 

Punk and Garcia –!punkgarcia/cfgd

Meet the Characters!

“Hello! I am García!”

“And I am Punk!” *shoves Garcia out of the way*

“And I’m the one that follows these two around all day. Their faithful companion. We go on hunts and search for clues to find all sorts of treasures. The agency we work for is a secret, and so is my lunch time…”

The first one is devoted to Jane Austen and a mystery about certain files that can be compromising… But we won’t say any more. Read it and find out what the story is about. Enjoy!

Join them on their first adventure!

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