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Black Coffee – Charles is back and his latest case has his client getting their moneys worth. He was hired to clear the name of a man who was framed for murder, but the small time dealer that made the hit was working for the Grid. Charles is going to have to climb his way to the top in order to make sure that his client gets out of this alive. But what about Charles? Can he really put a stop to this new threat known as the Grid?

home-cover 3

Home – The day started just as the others. Girl walks in. Case get’s laid down and there’s the money right beside it. She wants something done and Splints questions her motives, so she proves it to him that her task needs to be done. Good luck, Splints. You’ll need it.


The Writer – The writer avoiding finishing the novel will think of just about anything else to escape.


Black Winter – A detective calls upon the talents of a young woman being kept in an asylum. Someone has hired him to stop a string of murders happening in the small town of Harper’s Arms. Trouble is, he can’t even see the killer. All the townspeople claim it to be the ghost of a young girl, all the authority in the town failed, all else doesn’t believe a word of it. However, the detective needs a paycheck. Will this girl be able to help the detective stop the string of murders surrounding Harper’s Arms? What makes her so special and necessary for the detective? Abigail Weston is pulled into a gory case alongside the detective that has requested her aid and pulled her from the asylum. Why was she in there in the first place? What skills does she possess that the detective requires?


The Incredible Jaki: Dark Second Sun – Part One – The Incredible Jaki has spent years enslaved by the terrible ruler Grall. Now on his own Jaki pushes forward through the burning sands to destroy the second sun that is driving all of the animals and villagers mad. Everywhere he goes the villagers know his face, they all know what will happen if they help Grall’s worst enemy, but there is hope in this man. Jaki’s adventures will only expand over time. This one focuses on his quest to end the eternal torment being created by the dark second sun that Grall has created. Will Jaki be able to stop this abomination and push even further in his struggle to end Grall’s rule once and for all? He must first acquire some mystical artifacts to help him destroy the dark second sun. As he travels on he meets new allies, and many servants to Grall hoping to end the quest of the man determined to stop their leader’s demonic rule. The Incredible Jaki will not stop for nothing.


B A R R I C A D E – B A R R I C A D E is many things. B A R R I C A D E is desire, lust, wealth, murder, revenge. B A R R I C A D E is family, loneliness, love, and loveless. What you think you know about B A R R I C A D E is not real. B A R R I C A D E is escape. Enter through the B A R R I C A D E and leave the world behind.


Galdof Enterprise – Galdof Enterprise has made a terrible mistake! The world of Jandora is dying and Galdof Enterprise is all to blame. They tried to fix the problem but it seems to have done more bad than good. Will the former CEO be able to fix his mistakes? Or is the planet doomed to decay until there is nothing left…

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I also have another Kindle eBook available – The Writer

The Writer

The writer avoiding finishing the novel will think of just about anything else to escape.

A story that places you at the window, looking in and watching a mind unfold. So much goes on within the writer’s mind, characters, settings, judgement from those outside of the imagined world. Walk into the mysterious royal blue light that will have you wondering…”What’s the writer thinking of now?”

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